Herron: Carbon Hill pool is sustaining itself

Admission increase helping to pay for chemicals


CARBON HILL - Mayor April Kennedy Herron told the Carbon Hill City Council Tuesday the city's municipal pool is bringing in enough funds to sustain itself.

"We've had some very good turnouts. As bad as I hated to go up on the admission, it is making a difference to offset that chemical cost," she said. Daily admission was raised from $3 two years ago to $5 this year. The pool was closed last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Herron said more financial details will be available at the next council meeting, noting this is the first time the current city clerk, Sherry Garner, has seen the figures. She was appointed to the position in December 2019. 

"At the numbers we are at now, and if we stay pretty steady, we should be able (to operate it) and have it open next year. So far it is looking good."

She said lifeguards are paid out of the General Fund. "That is something the city kind of eats, but all the other expenses, the pool takes care of itself," she said.

Herron said the pool is now opening at 1 p.m. and staying open to 8 p.m. has worked out well. For safety concerns, customers not allowed to go past a rope to the pool's deep end or use the diving board after 7 p.m. If everyone leaves after 7 p.m., the pool is shut down early to save costs on labor.

"I tried it at 8:30 and even with lights it is really not that safe, because we can't put a light in the water," she said.