Five Loaves Bakery to hold grand opening Monday


Five Loaves Bakery will be serving up a fresh take on breakfast and lunch at their grand opening in Jasper Monday.

The bakery, owned by mother and daughter team Ani Piper and Kelly Rigsby, has operated out of Black Rock Bistro for the past two years to provide customers with pies, cakes and other desserts. As popularity for the business grew, they wanted to expand and offer even more options. After much prayer, they decided to open their own location in downtown Jasper, at the former Highlands on 4th building.  

"I worked as a paralegal for 20 years, and I have just baked as a hobby ever since my older daughter was born. She's 30 now," Rigsby said. "It just grew, and I've always loved homemade, not in a box."

Piper said she learned the basics of cooking at an early age from her mom, and her six years of working at Black Rock Bistro brought a new level of culinary talent. Her brother and Rigsby's son, Dalton Dunn, attended culinary school, and he is also working in the kitchen of Five Loaves Bakery.

While operating Five Loaves Bakery at Black Rock Bistro, Rigsby and Piper focused primarily on baking, which includes their popular orange rolls and cinnamon rolls, scones, muffins, pies and elaborate bakery cakes. In their new space, they have been able to expand their menu to offer breakfast sandwiches, omelets, grits and other selections to start the day. Lunch items include a variety of salads, sandwiches, soups, homemade chips and more.

Piper and Rigsby said they work with fresh ingredients, and the majority of their menu is homemade.

"We decided from the very beginning that we wanted to offer some more healthy options in the Jasper area," Piper said. "We want fresh. We slice our meat, and all of our soups are started from a stock or a roux. We start it from the basics and work up. We make everything."

Rigsby added, "We are soup and salad eaters, and we wanted a comfy place to go sit down and have a salad and a cup of soup — not a fast-food restaurant. It's limited in Jasper, the places you can actually go and get a fresh, homemade cup of soup and some different salads."

Five Loaves Bakery held a soft opening last week, but will officially open Monday morning at their new location at 1800 Fourth Avenue S. in Jasper. They will keep The Highlands on 4th name to provide a venue for larger gatherings and to operate the catering side of their business. Five Loaves Bakery, however, can be accessed at the rear entrance of The Highlands on 4th building, where customers can enjoy breakfast and lunch. Rigsby and Piper will still be baking cakes and offering larger baking orders as well.

Monday through Friday breakfast will be served from 5:30 to 10:30 a.m., with lunch offered from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The business will be closed on weekends to fulfill catering orders. All large orders or cake orders may be placed by calling (205) 221-0343.

The inside of Five Loaves Bakery has been fully renovated to provide a casual, yet elegant atmosphere. Black chairs are tucked under tables covered in beige table cloths. Light brown walls are accented with decorative string lights across the ceiling of the dining space, and modern accent chairs provide pops of color in two corners of the dining room. There's also bar-style seating near the front entrance.

Display cases for their cakes will later be added.

Both Rigsby and Piper said they each have their own talents and love working together as a family. 

"I love the idea of working with my mom, partnering with my mom. It's fun. We communicate well, and we want to offer that family environment," Piper said. "Together, we all complete each other."