Fall Fest will be held in Jasper Oct. 27


The Fifth Annual Fall Fest will be held in downtown Jasper from 3 until 6 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 27, hosting an expected 5,000 visitors. 

Jasper area churches and Milo's will present the free, safe event, offering children’s activities, games and music spread out across downtown. 

A local organizer, Shawn Stinson, said an estimated 5,000 attended last year. 

Stinson said 12 Jasper area churches signed up to participate this year, although a couple more may be added. They include a number of denominations, including Southern Baptist, United Methodist, Nazarene, Church of Christ, Missionary Baptist and independent churches. 

“All of the games and activities are free, but there will be food vendors there selling food,” he said. "We have some different food vendors that we haven't had in the past. 

He noted the role being played by Milo's, which has a restaurant in Jasper.

"Milo's came on board last year as a corporate sponsor," he said. "They said they just wanted to be involved in a family activity like this. They loved the idea of it." 

They have covered much of the costs involved in putting this event together that the churches have had to pay in the past, he said. 

"The reason we do it is simply to provide a fun, safe time for families. The body of Christ, we need to be working together. We thought what better thing to do together than to provide a great day for Jasper area families," said Stinson, who is the minister of music and outreach for Northside Baptist Church. 

"All the fun and games are free. If they want to buy food, that's what the food vendors are there for," he said. 

The Praise Band from Glory Fellowship Baptist will play for visitors in front of the Walker County Courthouse, he said.

Traditional carnival booths will be set up in the streets. Each church offers about five to 10 different game booths — Go Fish, ring tosses and such — so that children can play a game and win candy.

A dedicated area just for pre-schoolers will be at the grassy pocket park on 19th Street. A detailed printed map will be available that day, and it should also be on the event’s Facebook page by the end of the week.

The number of inflatable venues for children will be spread across the outer edges of the festival, instead of being bunched up at one location.

Activities will be along 19th Street, on the west and east sides of Jasper City Hall, and in the west, south and east sides of the courthouse. They will also be running down a block behind Los Reyes. It will be down a block also on each side of Warehouse 319, Stinson said.

Stinson said 19th Street will be blocked off for pedestrian traffic.

Ministry will also be attended to in a low-key manner, where casual conversations may be started with parents, Stinson said. Prayers with family members will also be available. 

Overall, not many changes are in store for this year's event, although the churches are being encouraged to come up with new games.

"Everything worked last year. We said, 'Let's do it again,'" he said. "We'll have some different games than we had last year. We challenged every church to come up with a new and different type of game. Typically at these carnivals, it is like, 'Hey, kid, throw something into something else.' We said, 'Let's try to come up with some unique and different ideas.'" 

Anyone wanting more information may go to the event's Facebook page at Jasper Fall Fest or call Stinson at 205-300-8564.