Dora City Council

Dora city computer crashes

Stephens: City will work on better backup system


DORA - Mayor Randy Stephens commended the City Hall staff Thursday, saying it did a tremendous job in the wake of a computer crashing earlier in the day - although the next step is to find a better backup system.

Stephens, who spoke at that night's Dora City Council meeting, said staff arriving to work that morning discovered City Clerk SuLeigh Warren's computer had crashed overnight.

He joked, "I think SuLeigh was just about ready to quit and go home."

"The hard drive had gone out," Stephens said. "In the process, they shut down all of our QuickBooks and accounting software - everything was shut down. They have worked all day long, and Wendy is still working in there right now, printing some checks. I've never seen such an effort."

He said the staff thinks they solved the problem. However, while he said one can't avoid computers crashing, he said officials will discuss this in the next few days to review how to bet a better backup system.

In other action from Thursday's meeting, the council:

• Heard Stephens say he would meet with people the next afternoon at City Hall if they need help, as family matters have taken him away from City Hall. He said his daughter has been recovering from COVID-19 for nine days, and he had been overseeing and homeschooling his grandchildren in that time.

"I'm not sure I'm smarter than a second grader," he said to laughs. "It's been a challenge."

• Agreed to renew its annual insurance policy with Byars|Wright. The annual premium is staying roughly the same - and actually a little smaller - at $72,263. Stephens said the city has had few claims and lawsuits against the city. He said if the city committed to three years, it would get a small discount, which the council agreed to. "It doesn't mean we are locked in for three years. It simply means if we change insurance carriers next year, we have to go back and pay the different in the two," he said.

• Agreed to pay for an ad in the Walker County Sports Hall of Fame program. The city has paid a full-page $1,000, with half of the ad devoted to the city in general and the other half promoting its municipal golf course, Horse Creek Golf Course. "It winds up being $500 out of each fund," he said.