Dora actor to appear on network TV special

Dora native and actor William Justice is slated to be featured in a small role in Wednesday’s episode of “National Enquirer Investigates” as pop star Britney Spears’ ex-boyfriend, Justin Timberlake. The episode, which was filmed in February in Knoxville, Tenn., and will air on Reelz at 10 p.m., will focus on Spears’ tumultuous life. Justice said the acting agency in Atlanta that represents him submitted his name for the role as Timberlake and “I got it. I couldn’t believe it. It’s really cool.” However, this doesn’t mark Justice’s first time on-screen. He’s also done background work for FOX’s “Sleepy Hollow,” the CW’s “The Originals” and National Geographic Channel’s “Killing Reagan,” among other things. According to Justice, he’s wanted to be an actor since he was a kid. “When I was young and watching TV, most of my family was watching and enjoying the show,” he explained. “But I was there, knowing it was a bunch of actors on stage in a studio somewhere. And I knew that was something I would like to do someday so I pursued it as a professional career.” Justice added that he loves sitcoms and hopes to possibly to be on one someday. “That would be so much fun, I’d love to be on a sitcom,” he said. Justice graduated from Dora High School in 2008 and has his bachelor’s degree in music from Birmingham-Southern College, as well as his master of fine arts degree in acting for film from the New York Film Academy in New York City and Los Angeles.

He said his time in New York and Los Angeles and being able to meet different people from all over the world were some of the happiest experiences of his life. “It was 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. of schooling, Monday through Friday, but it didn’t seem long enough,” Justice said. He added that he would eventually like to pursue a doctorate degree in performance. Justice is currently still living in Dora, where he teaches piano lessons at Aldersgate United Methodist Church on Mondays. When he doesn’t have auditions or acting roles, he spends the rest of his week around Birmingham as a piano instructor at three different music schools. He said that, although acting is something he enjoys, it’s long hours and can be tedious work. “Even just a few minutes of a show may have taken hours to film,” he explained. “Anybody who’s interested in acting needs to be wary of how difficult the work may be. There are times it gets stressful. But if you enjoy it enough, you don’t mind doing it.” In May, Justice will become eligible to become a member of the Screen Actors Guild. Justice encouraged people to watch the show on Wednesday evening and support a Dora resident. Anyone interested in contacting Justice for piano lessons or acting roles can do so at