DME launches new sports homepage


Earlier this week, the Daily Mountain Eagle launched a new dynamic homepage for the sports section of

“With all the tools available to us through our web hosting partners, it made sense to give users a more organized experience with our sports coverage,” said Jeffery Winborne, the New Media Coordinator at the DME.

The new layout breaks the sports page down into sections, each containing news from different levels of play and different leagues around the country. Among the additions include individual sections for every area high school team as well as dedicated sections to the NFL, NBA, MLB and NASCAR.

“In Alabama, Walker County especially, sports are intertwined into our daily lives,” DME Sports Editor Johnathan Bentley said. “Our high schools boast some of the most passionate fans in the state. We’re excited to be able to create a better experience for those fans on the website.”

Winborne said that not every archived story will be viewable in the new sections right away, but work is being done to move everything over from the old categories to the new.

“Hopefully by the end of 2020, everything from the last two calendar years will fall into the new categories,” he said. “There is just so much content to swap over.”

The changes are part of an ongoing effort to make even more of a “one-stop shop,” as Winborne called it, for comprehensive news coverage.

“I’m increasingly excited about the changes that have happened on the website over the last six months or so,” he said. “Using the resources we have available, I have been hard pressed to find another small-town newspaper that can compete with the quantity and quality of news, both local and national. It was only a matter of time before we made sure to bring that level of experience to the sports section. Keep an eye out as things continue to evolve and improve.”

The new sport homepage can be found at or by clicking “Sports” at the top of the homepage at