County BOE pursuing land acquisitions


The Walker County Board of Education is in the process of purchasing land for future use near Cordova, Oakman and Dora high schools.

At the June 11 meeting of the BOE, all board members approved land acquisitions in the communities. The land purchases are part of the school board's five-year capital plan.

"These acquisitions will go a long way," Superintendent Dr. Joel Hagood said.

One piece of property that the board wants to purchase is 4.2 acres that surround part of the Oakman schools' campus. Hagood said purchasing the land will allow for expansion of a parking lot behind Oakman High School's gym and make way for an access road to connect Oakman Middle and Oakman High schools.  

"They're landlocked. So this acquisition will allow for the expansion of that parking lot," Hagood said. "It will also allow us to put a road in to relieve some of the pressure from the middle school up on the hill. Very, very much needed."

The asking price for the property is $126,000.

Another land purchase of nearly 13 acres could be made near Dora High School at a cost of $191,097.

"If you're familiar with the area of Sides Furniture off of Sharon Boulevard, there is a large field area as it progresses on up to the school from Sharon Boulevard," Hagood said. "It's a very nice piece of property. We've already had soil samples done, and it's suitable for building."

No possible projects with the Dora property were mentioned. 

The school board is also in the process of purchasing 1.2 acres of land near Cordova High School, where an old armory building stands. The asking price for the property is $90,000.

"Our intention is to turn that armory into a field house for Cordova," Hagood said, adding that to build a new field house for half the size would cost "considerably more money."

Cordova's football program has been in need of a field house since the current field house was condemned in 2019 and demolished early this year.

"I think it's a great opportunity to take care of that need at that very, very low price," Hagood added.

The superintendent said it is important to proceed with the land acquisitions while the landowners are ready to sell.