Cordova students selected for Space Camp


Two Cordova students will be attending Space Academy for Leading Students in Alabama (SALSA) May 23-28.

AJ Freeman and Kaleb Howell were selected to attend Space Camp at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville last year before the pandemic forced a statewide shutdown. 

AJ and Kaleb will each receive a scholarship funded by the Alabama Legislature that includes tuition, lodging and meals. 

"I have a lot of ideas for technology-related careers that Space Camp might help me with in the future," said AJ, who is currently a ninth grader at Cordova High School.

He is especially looking forward to an anti-gravity activity offered at previous space camps.

Kaleb, also a ninth grader, is a veteran of the Cordova robotics team and is considering a career that may one day see him working in Huntsville.

"I am thinking about going to be an aerospace engineer, which this could be very helpful for, which is why I was so happy to get into it. It could be very helpful!" Kaleb said.

According to Space Camp's website, SALSA is a program funded by the Legislature that awards a male and female student between the ages of 12 to 14 from every legislative district in Alabama a scholarship to attend a special session of Space Academy at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville Alabama. 

Since 1982, Space Camp has inspired more than 750,000 young men and women from around the world to engage in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, while exposing them to the leadership and teamwork skills that helped them succeed in their careers.

During their weeklong Space Academy program, students learn the history of the space program, learn to work together as a team to solve complex problems using STEM concepts and critical thinking, learn to train like an astronaut using authentic simulators, and embark on their own simulated space mission to the International Space Station, the Moon or Mars. 


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