CH woman arrested with heroin after traffic stop


CARBON HILL - A Carbon Hill woman in possession of heroin and marijuana was arrested after being stopped for a minor tag light violation.

Carbon Hill Police Chief Eric House said Wednesday Magan Baker, 36, was arrested for two counts of possession of controlled substances - one for heroin and one for methamphetamines - as well as the intent to sell or distribute. 

She was taken to Carbon Hill City Jail pending felony warrants obtained about 1:30 p.m. Wednesday. She was awaiting transfer to the Walker County Jail at mid-afternoon. 

The incident happened at 12:47 a.m. Wednesday at the intersection of Nauvoo Road and Sixth Avenue.

House said the Carbon Hill officer, Zack Gilley, could smell the odor of marijuana as he approached the Honda Accord car. Baker was the driver. 

"The subject was trying to move it from her bra to her pants. He could see her moving it," House said. "Of course, he didn't realize what it all was until it was all laid out. But she actually told him she had drugs. She was pretty much cooperative."

Baker had 11 individual heroin packages. Another bag had methamphetamine, weighing 3.06 grams, he said. "The heroine weighed 3.98 grams," House said. 

She also had a white Loritab pill, he said. 

House said she was also arrested for having drug paraphernalia, including bags with residue in them and a spoon with residual effects from heroine. 

A passenger in the vehicle was also arrested for public intoxication. 

House said he was pleased with the arrest, saying Carbon Hill probably has one of the best police forces that it has ever had. 

"I'm very proud of all my officers. Every one of them are doing an amazing job, in this trying time before the election," he said. "We just dodging it and doing our jobs. You have got people on both sides who say we don't do anything. Then you have people who know that we are out there working. I want every everyone to know I am very, very proud of every one of our officers and what they do and how they conduct themselves and how they treat these people. 

"I have had no complaints from anybody on how anyone has been treated that they've arrested or have had to get tickets to. I mean, people don't like it, but the bottom line is we're going to enforce the law straight along the board for everybody."