Carbon Hill taking applications for pool director, lifeguards

CARBON HILL — The Carbon Hill City Council agreed on Feb. 8 to take applications for managing the city’s swimming pool and for lifeguards to serve this summer. The council voted 4-0 to take the action, including Mayor Mark Chambers. Three council members were absent: District 1 Councilman McClain Burrough, District 4 Councilman Chandler Gann and District 5 Councilman Jason Chambers. The matter was brought up by District 3 Councilwoman April Kennedy Herron, who didn’t want to wait until the last minute to get the pool running for the summer. In other action, the council:  •heard Police Chief Eric House say that the closure rate on cases in the police department is about 96 percent. •agreed to purchase computers, printers and accessories to be able to write citations and do reports from the police vehicles. House said two of the department’s four laptops for officers were salvageable, while parts cannot even be found for the other two. The cost to repair and update the salvageable ones was $125. He said he is getting two refurbished Dell computers. Printers will come from Walmart, and he also suggested Verizon air cards at $119.97 per month out of pre-trial money. The cost of all the computer purchases and work is $1,284.81. The computers will only be used for department business. House has an additional laptop, which actually makes for five computers.

•heard House say all the police cars have radar, with certification done last year. •approved spending $912.76 for parts to repair a garbage truck that broke down earlier in the day. The city will find out later what the cost of labor will be. •heard Mayor Mark Chambers said that his announcement in December that the city is accepting applications from representatives from Little League groups to be put on the city’s park and recreation board had probably upset some people. “The first thing they think is that the city is going to take over and we’re not going to continue doing what they have been doing down there,’ he said. “That’s not what it is about. The city has got to know who is the treasurer, the secretary, the football coordinator, who is the basketball coordinator.”  He said the city is not able to give keys for the Blue Gym to just anyone. He said the city is just asking the officials fill out applications to be approved by the council “and you’ll be back in business like nothing ever happened. It’s not going to change anything.”  Chambers said he would attend a meeting the following Sunday of the officials involved that would allow him to pass out applications. Fire Chief Buddy Smith, who is also a dispatcher, said he also needs to know the officials so that he can contact them when something comes up. Officials also talked of the problem of utilities running after a season ends, noting that some of them are apparently being turned back on after the water is turned off at the end of a season. They discussed the idea of possibly installing locks to prevent that from happening again.