Carbon Hill starts enforcing nuisance law


CARBON HILL - Residents of Carbon Hill are being warned that the city is cracking down on mattresses and furniture being left outside, by way of enforcing the city's nuisance law - and the city will not be picking those items up. 

At Tuesday's meeting, District 1 Councilwoman Cindy Killingsworth brought up about the city's nuisance law near the end of the meeting. Mayor April Kennedy Herron noted she encouraged the council to review the 2017 law for any possible changes, but that the city also needs to do more to enforce it.

Herron told Police Chief Eric House she would like to start with warnings, and if the warnings are not adhered, then to start issuing citations. When one roadside mattress situation was brought up, House offered to cite the suspect in the morning "because they know we are not going to pick it up."

Herron at first said to give 30 days, but later said it probably should be officer discretion. She noted the trailer park near her residence that was destroyed in the April tornado still has yet to be cleaned up.

House said he would give the suspect a couple of days to get the mattress up and then he would cite them. Herron said there are other cases of "furniture sitting all over town. We need to start enforcing those. Start out with warnings, though." 

House said after the meeting the city would not pick up household appliances, beds or any furniture, and that people with those items outside should take them to the local county dump. "They are going to be cited," he said. "I'm going to give them two days to get their mess cleaned up," starting from the moment he contacts them. 

City officials said people would likely be faced with probably $500 or so in fines and fees, as court costs are more than $300 alone.