Carbon Hill holds organizational session


CARBON HILL - The Carbon Hill City Council, during its regular meeting Tuesday, held its delayed organizational session for the new term, noting the procedure for being recognized at a council meeting. 

Mayor April Kennedy Herron and the council were sworn in Nov. 2, but the organizational meeting was delayed. No discussion was held about the District 6 seat that remains vacant as no one ran for the seat after Councilman Greg Anderson resigned earlier this year. 

The council also did not address when the council will meet on a regular basis, although it did agree to a work session set for 6 p.m. tonight (Nov. 12). The Nov. 24 meeting was also rescheduled for next Tuesday, Nov. 17, due to the Thanksgiving holiday. 

It did approve using Robert's Rules of Order and Parliamentary Procedure, which is common for many city councils. Herron said that would include the rules for public participation. 

"Citizens who wish to address any item of business or any items which are not listed on the agenda must complete a public participation form and submit it to the (city clerk's) office prior to the meeting. This request is subject to the mayor's approval," Herron read. "Citizen participation is welcome but must be done in an orderly manner without disruption to the meeting." 

Herron said what that boiled down to was that anyone wanting to bring something in person before the council should let officials know beforehand so it can be placed before the agenda. 

"But at the end of each meeting I'm going to ask if anyone has anything, something they would like to suggest - maybe quick, so that we don't run the meeting too long," she said. "But if you have something really important that is going to take any length of time, please come in prior, get your named placed on the agenda and then we'll address it." 

She said that would also allow officials to do some research before the meeting. 

Herron clarified that items that could be quickly brought up at the end of the meeting might be an announcement or something that could be discussed in under two minutes. 

"I want you to participate, but on bigger issues let's do it in an orderly fashion so it doesn't turn into a two-hour meeting," she said. 

Also, District 3 Councilman David Phillips was appointed mayor pro temp and was the only nomination for the post. The council also approved continuing to use First National Bank of Hamilton as bank depository for city accounts. Signers for the account were authorized by the council, including Herron, Phillips and City Clerk Sherry Garner. 

It approved adding an additional account to assist in maintaining the Old Pisgah Cemetery, with Herron noting she would like to have fundraisers for the account. 

Current full-time 40-hour salaries were also approved for safety director, dispatch supervisor, street foreman/supervisor, and police chief. The city clerk, which is having to serve temporarily as magistrate until one is hired, was set at $15 an hour. The incoming magistrate to be will be paid $12 an hour as court clerk for six months until trained, and then would get a $1 an hour increase as magistrate, and then to later re-examine the matter over.