Carbon Hill Blue Gym getting 5-ton unit, other work


CARBON HILL - A new 5-ton heating and cooling unit has been approved for the Blue Gym's front lobby and bathrooms, with an estimate coming in at between $6,500 and $7,000 - while Carbon Hill officials discovered the main area of the gym will still cool down with existing units. 

The Carbon Hill City Council approved the unit for the city-owned facility at Tuesday's meeting. The vote was 5-0 as the District 6 council seat remains unfilled. 

Herron, who said she was excited about the work at the facility, reported the unit will be a new Trane unit with a 10-year warranty, and that the price includes labor. The price - from Shane Madison, of Madison Heating and Cooling, is below the level triggering the bid law.

She said Madison is a local vendor with a business license and who pays local taxes. She and council members members spoke highly of service and work from the Madison.

"The (Carbon Hill) Women's Club has just spent a good deal of money on plumbing and these funds would be out of the Improvement Fund," which is in good shape at about $47,000, Herron said, commending the club for its hard work. 

If the winter is cold enough to be well below freezing, the new pipes could freeze and bust "and we would be at square one," she said. 

Herron said she was pleasantly surprised to find out two other air units serving the main area of the gym were still providing cool air, although they are old.

"One of the sides, the heat works," she said, while a $400 memory board was probably needed for the other. If it does not work, it is interchangeable and can be used with the other unit. Filters were also ordered for it. 

Madison did maintenance for City Hall, the community center and the gym that day, she said. 

District 4 Councilwoman Judy Hurst, who is also president of the Women's Club, said the plumbing was set to be concluded by the next day, dealing with some leaks and some kitchen work. 

"It's looking good," said Herron, who was given a tour that day by the plumber. "We'll have a commode in every stall" and three fully-functional urinals. A space was available for a fourth urinal, but one will not be placed there. Hot water heaters are installed to run the sinks and for the kitchen and its new sink. All the drains are cleaned. 

Herron asked the plumber to look at hooking up an outside spigot, as a lockable box was installed to protect one. The plumber also found the key for the box. 

After the plumbing and heating and cooling, Herron and Hurst said cleaning would be the next big task at the Blue Gym. 

Hurst said she had filed for a Walker Area Community Foundation grant on behalf of the club, with the outcome not known until Oct. 8. 

"It would consist of the front doors, the ceiling tiles, insulation and lights. After that and cleaning, it should be up and running. It will need painting and things like that. Hopefully, we can get a lot of volunteers," she said. 

District 3 Councilman David Phillips said he had inspected the gym and it will be a major job to clean, although it was not as bad as he anticipated. "The plumbing issue, I'm sure that is 90 percent of it," he said. 

Getting access now to hot water to use in cleaning is what Herron said she is excited about in that stage, noting a spigot would also help. "I don't think it has had hot water in over a decade," she said. 

Hurst said the plumber said it would be alright to pressure wash the bathroom area, as it has a drain.