One person arrested for providing false statements

Persons of interest named in Hayden Mayberry case


UPDATE - 12/27/19 - 3:50 p.m.

The Walker County Sheriff's Office is reporting they have spoken to Justin "JW" Wyatt Stone. However, they are still looking to interview Charity Dove Watts Tessener and Tommy Edwards Welch.


The Walker County Sheriff's Office (WCSO) released the names of three "persons of interest" in the  case of missing 26-year-old Hayden Mayberry.

Charity Dove Watts Tessener, Justin "JW" Wyatt Stone and Tommy Edwards Welch were named on a Facebook post by the WCSO on Friday. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of any of these individuals is asked to call (205) 302-6464 to make an anonymous tip.

On Thursday, WCSO released the mugshot of Rosa Ann Rice who was arrested and charge with Obstruction of Governmental Operations. 

"Rice’s residence is the last place Hayden is known to have been seen," the Facebook post read. "Rice’s false statements led to misdirection in the investigation, and resulted in wasting valuable time and resources toward finding Hayden."

Mayberry was last seen on Nov. 19 in the Boldo area and a missing persons' report was filed with the WCSO on Nov. 25. On December 7, the Sheriff's Department, along with volunteers, search a wooded area where Mayberry was last seen with no results.

If anyone has any information related to Mayberry or the persons of interest, please call the Walker County Sheriff's Office.