Arley Women's Club awards scholarships


The Arley Women’s Club recently bestowed scholarships on six deserving seniors of Meek High School. Because the Arley Women’s Club is primarily a group dedicated to community service, the AWC Scholarship Program is structured to reflect good citizenship. Helping out in one’s own community through service can be a valuable lesson for students. 

The AWC Scholarship requires a minimum of 50 service hours during their high school career, an interview, letters of recommendation, and an essay reflecting the student’s experiences in serving others. Those receiving the 2021 awards from Meek High School this year have been exemplary in sharing their gifts of time and service, making the world a better place in which to live. They managed serving others even while maneuvering through school, work, sports, and an usual year of the pandemic.  

Congratulations to the following seniors:

• Ally Parris — AWC Community Award

• Hannah Taylor — Bob Smiley Award

• Nicholas Perez — Outstanding Citizenship Award

• Sabrina Gaines — Maitland Newsome Award

• Dalton Guthrie — AWC Outstanding Service Award

• Abby Phillips — AWC Community Award