American socialists cannot shatter the Rock


In his book, “United States of Socialism,” Dinesh D’Souza clearly lays out what socialism is, the history and failure of socialism, and why socialism can never work in America. Those who don’t know these things might consider reading his book.

History teaches us that dividing people is the easiest and most common means of conquering. D’Souza notes many historical examples of the rise of socialism in nations around the world. In most cases socialists began revolutions by creating crises that divided populations by class, economic status, race, gender, or religion. The “solution” to division, of course, was unification via socialism that promised to make everyone equal.

Heterogeneous populations are easy to divide. On the other hand, heterogeneity is the achilles heel of socialism. This is the primary reason American socialists, i.e. the LEFT, will do nothing but continue to divide us. Furthermore, America is more diverse than any nation on earth. Comparing our government with other governments is like comparing apples and slugs. What works in more homogeneous nations will not work in more heterogeneous nations because the populations are so different.

For example, Scandinavian nations have very homogeneous populations and a kind of socialism with a healthy mix of free market capitalism that works. Their government leaders know this, and have severely restricted immigration which would unbalance social and cultural stability. Their brand of socialism not only will not work in America, but it will continually divide us into identity groups. That’s what American socialists are doing today.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a highly favored tool of American socialists to indoctrinate students from K-college into believing the color of one’s skin predetermines his or her role and station in life. CRT divides us into two groups: oppressors and victims, simply on the basis of skin color. This is exactly what Martin Luther King, Jr. was fighting against! And yet, his legacy of fighting for the content of our character has been marred by racists who project their own racism onto those who disagree with them.

CRT is heavily based on Marxist ideology and has been designed to erase our history, undermine principles in our founding documents, and overthrow our constitutional representative republic. CRT is also the principle theory applied in diversity and inclusion training, and includes a wide range of gender theories and sex education for children as young as 8 years old.

Fortunately, the whole world has not bought into this degeneracy. Last week we celebrated the life of a man who soared far above the trappings and philosophies of this world. Harvey Lee Gordon, Sr. was a man who never met a stranger, and who never failed to help anyone he ever met. Harvey worked in the Cooperative Extension Service in Mississippi and Arkansas, but his influence spread around the world through the lives of people he touched.

Harvey is a Christian who has merely transitioned from this world into Jesus’ presence. For nearly three hours more than 300 colleagues, friends, and family glorified Jesus for giving Harvey to us for a little while.

American socialists work to divide us into identity groups. Marxists disdain God and faith in God. Those of us who share faith in Jesus as our Savior will never be divided by race, gender, social standing, or politics. Jesus is the Rock Who unites all of His followers.


Daniel L. Gardner is a syndicated columnist who lives in Starkville, MS. You may contact him at