2020 Municipal Candidates


Updated July 22 at 10:40 a.m. - Updated to reflect correct address of Tommy Davis in Parrish. 

The following is a list of people who have qualified for municipal offices in the county. Candidates had until 5 p.m. on Tuesday, July 21, to qualify for office. 


Mayor: David O'Mary (I), 2101 Leisure Lane. 

District 1: Jed Daniel, 1003 Orchard Rd. 

District 2: Danny Gambrell (I), 1707 Third Ave. NE.

District 3: Gary Cowen (I), 1101 Hickory Hill Lane.

District 4: Jennifer Williams Smith (I), 1308 Ninth Ave.

District 5: Willie Moore III (I), 2921 Sixth Ave. 


Mayor: Petey Ellis (I), 204 Morgan Road; Nick Martin, 283 Main St.

Place 1: Macah Harrison, 133 Hayfield Loop; Douglas Ragsdale (I), 104 Pineview Rd. 

Place 2: Kenneth Russell (I), 68 Oak Hill Drive.

Place 3: Floyd Burton (I), 259 Pineview Street; and Anthony Dill, 67 Fennel St. 

Place 4: Joseph Boshell, 577 Bryan Rd.; William S. (Bill) Fowler (I), 1032 Sullivan Road. 

Place 5: James Dodd, 76 Dodd Lane; and Arvel Terry Lambert, 117 Oak Dr. Apt. 113. 

Carbon Hill

Mayor: Dexter (Pig) Dozier, Sr., 315 NE 4th St.; April Herron (I), 135 Northeast Nauvoo Place, and Billie D. Jenkins, 2256 Third Street NW.

Council District 1: Cindy Killingsworth (I) 385 Second St. SW, and Shane Baker, 151 Fourth Ave. NW.

Council District 2: Michelle Henson, 369 NE Sixth St., and Oranetta Kirk, 835 Fourth Ave. NE.

Council District 3: David Phillips, 2004 Third St. NW, and Carol Ann Page Hackney, 199 NE 12th Ave.

Council District 4: Judy Hurst (I), 1006 Fourth Ave. and Rawsey Dyana McCollum, 406 NE Eighth St.

Council District 5: Jewell H. Hess (I), 149 NW Sixth Ave., and Willie Bourland, Jr. , 346 Fourth Ave. NW.

Council District 6: No one qualified.


Mayor: Nakia S. Belser, 33 Reservoir St.; and Jeremy D. Pate, 1578 Manuel Hill Road. 

Council Place 1: Brett Dawkins, 439 Stewart St. 

Council Place 2: Ed Earp (I), 110 Buttercup Lane.

Council Place 3: Larry Sides (I), 70 Crestview Heights Circle.

Council Place 4: Jason Daniel, 105 Stevens St.

Council Place 5: Elizabeth Jane Mitchell, 1581 Manuel Hill Road. 


Mayor: Bobbie Jean Dodd (I), 114 Smothers Ave. 

Place 1: James Denver Jones (I), 82 Armstrong Rd.

Place 2: Margaret Tucker (I), 37687 Highway 78. 

Place 3: Martha Tittle (I), 37652 Highway 78.

Place 4: Donald Joe Tucker (I), 37616 Highway 78.

Place 5: Wendy Wagar (I), Smothers Ave. 


Mayor: Marion Combs, 422 Pratt Road, and Randy Stephens (I), 129 Lockerbie Lane. 

(Top seven vote totals win seats on the council.) 

Council: David Box, 73 Oak Dr.; Robert Busby, 115 Hyche Ave.; Matt Diffy, 26 Hillview Dr.; Christopher S. Edwards (I), 41 Burnwell Rd., Quinton; Cody Harding, 83 Dunbar Trace; Dustin Hollis, 2838 Sharon Blvd.; Norman Holt, 110 Pleasant Lane; Joseph Lovelady, 286 Morgan Rd.; Jessica Mashburn, 151 Crest Dr.; George Sides, Jr., 414 Sonny's Lane; Randy Spears (I), 537 Sonny's Lane; Gary Thomas (I), 192 Dickerson Circle; and Hezikiah Walker, 140 Railroad Ave.

Mayor: Sheila Bridgmon Sizemore, 525 Second Ave.
Place 1: Roger Horner, 356 Second St. and Phillip Jodoin, 697 Fourth St.
Place 2: Helen Mote (I), 524 Fourth Ave. 
Place 3: Regina Manning (I), 372 McDaniel Ave., and Julie Meeks, 570 Second Ave.
Place 4: Keith Sizemore, 525 Second Ave.
Place 5: Deborah Barton (I), 20 Romine Bailey Rd.
Mayor: Jared "Bubba" Cagle, 167 Fifth St.; Tommy Davis, 43 Michael St.; and James Smith Jr., 97 Town St.

Council District 1: William Smith (I), 39 Taylor Street.

Council District 2: No one qualified. 

Council District 3: Anthony "Jake" Williams (I), 98 Williams Subdivision Rd.

Council District 4: Roslyn Bankhead (I), 194 Crest Ave.

Council District 5: Kathryn Thomas (I), 47 Riley Barnes St.


Mayor: Cory Franks (I), and Larry Ratliff, 8182 Market St.

Council Place 1 - Marian Constant (I), 363 Cobb Street.

Council Place 2 - Colt Courington (I), and Joyce Todd, 257 Cranford St. 

Council Place 3: Rodney Harris (I), 270 View St.; and Billy Hyde, 7658 Market Street. 

Council Seat 4 - Rhonda Millwood (I), 749 Cobb St. 

Council Place 5: Sarah Woods (I), 307 Cobb St., and Andy Wood, 134 Water Oak St. 

(The Daily Mountain Eagle is giving a special exemption to Franks and Courington in not printing their addresses owing to Franks' employment as a sheriff's deputy and Courington's as a Jasper police officer. Town Clerk Jennifer Wade said she can verify they do live in the town.)


Mayor: Earnie Darty (I), P.O. Box. 203, Kansas.

Council, Place 1: Linda Tittle (I), P.O. Box 254, Kansas.

Council, Place 2: Deb Hinds (I), P.O. Box 247, Kansas.

Council, Place 3: Tim Martin, (I), 480 Haley Bottoms Rd., Carbon Hill. 

Council, Place 4: Vicki Howard (I), P.O. Box 69, Carbon Hill. 

Council, Place 5: Shanna Davis (I), 1493 Old Highway 78, Carbon Hill. 


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