Pure Foundation Fund Opens Nominations to Honor Heroes in Maternal and Infant Care


(BPT) - Moms and their babies need support throughout their health journey. Access to quality maternal and infant care is crucial to helping ensure positive health outcomes for both mom and baby.

According to the WHO, “Skilled care before, during and after childbirth can save the lives of women and newborns.” Despite widespread staff shortages and the impact of COVID-19, millions of healthcare professionals (HCPs) have continued to show up day after day, going above and beyond for new mothers and infants, and their dedication and sacrifices should not go unrecognized.

In an effort to honor the great protectors of health, who shape the first moments for so many mothers and their children, WaterWipes is proud to announce the second annual Pure Foundation Fund, an award fund intended to highlight these unsung heroes involved during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal journey while supporting their efforts to improve patient care.

Why WaterWipes is shining a spotlight on healthcare professionals

Many HCPs are involved in a successful, healthy pregnancy, delivery and postnatal care, such as doctors, nurses, obstetricians-gynecologists, midwives, and neonatal professionals. They bring so many lives into the world, yet often remain anonymous.

The journey for many expectant or new parents can include emotional high notes and unexpected experiences or challenges. For many, they turn to and confide in their HCPs for support. For pregnant women that have questions or concerns, it’s the HCPs that take the time to really listen and understand their concerns, answer all questions no matter how small, and provide comfort and reassurance every step of the way that make all the difference in the world. For nervous mothers giving birth, HCPs can provide a calm presence and kindness to successfully usher them through their delivery. For new moms wondering if their baby is sleeping too much or eating enough, HCPs can provide them with guidance and reassurance. When illness strikes or medical conditions arise, it’s HCPs that provide care and support during these critical and vulnerable moments.

HCPs are there when people need them. They are the great protectors of our health and the health of our future generations. That is why WaterWipes wants to recognize and celebrate the incredible work maternity and neonatal healthcare professionals do every day and to tell the remarkable stories of the lives they have touched.

Meet Last Year’s Winner:

The Pure Foundation Fund can help HCPs provide additional care and support to families. Last year’s winner Vicky Smith, board-certified music therapist, said of her award, “I’d like to use the money to further fund our NeoPals endeavor of legacy-building opportunities for our families who never get to take their little ones home. One of the services I offer in the NICU, often for our most critically ill babies, is recording their heartbeat then placing it in a stuffed animal of the family’s choosing. Sometimes I’ll link the heartbeat with a meaningful song the family chooses, writes, or sings themselves. While these memory-making opportunities certainly cannot replace the loss of a child, they allow the parents to keep a piece of their baby with them forever. I am so grateful for this opportunity to improve the quality of care and support we offer at our hospital with the funds.”

What does the award include?

The winning healthcare professional will receive:

  • $9,000 (USD) for their department to improve the care of parents and babies. For example, purchase equipment, provide resources for parents, fund training, improve practice/care or support further research relating to pregnancy, baby care, and neonatal care
  • A bulk donation of WaterWipes to the winner’s organization
  • A WaterWipes Pure Foundation Fund plaque
  • A $100 Visa gift card and flowers

Nominations for the Pure Foundation Fund are now open and the deadline for submitting entries is June 30, 2022.

If you know of an amazing healthcare professional providing outstanding maternity, neonatal or postnatal care, submit them for a Pure Foundation Fund nomination at https://bit.ly/WaterWipesPFF-parents.

If you are a healthcare provider and would like to nominate yourself or a colleague, visit: https://bit.ly/WaterWipesPFF.