July 13, 2020
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Municipal Election Candidates

Municipal candidates - Jasper Mayor: David O'Mary District 1: Jed Daniel District 2: Danny Gambrell District 3: Gary Cowen District 4: Jennifer Williams Smith District 5: Willie Moore Sumiton Mayor: Petey Ellis Place 2: Kenneth Russell Place 3: Floyd Burton Place 4: William S. (Bill) Fowler Carbon Hill Mayor: April Herron, Billie Jenkins Cordova Mayor: Jeremy D. Pate Eldridge Mayor: Bobbie Jean Dodd Place 1: James Denver Jones Place 2: Margaret Tucker Place 3: Martha Tittle Place 4: Donald Joe Tucker Place 5: Wendy Wagar Dora Mayor: Marion Combs, Randy Stephens (Top seven vote totals win seats on the council.) Council: Matt Diffy, Dr.; Cody Harding, Dustin Hollis, Norman Holt, Joseph Lovelady, Jessica Mashburn, Randy Spears, and Hezikiah Walker Nauvoo Mayor: Sheila Bridgmon Sizemore Place 1: Roger Horner, Phillip Jodoin Place 2: Helen Mote Place 3: Julie Meeks Parrish Mayor: James Smith Jr. Sipsey Council: Donald Jean Oakman Mayor: Corey Franks, Larry Ratliff Council Seat 5: Sarah Woods Kansas Mayor: Earnie Darty Council Place 1: Linda Little Council Place 2: Deb Hinds Council Place 3: Tim Martin Council Place 4: Vicki Howard Council Place 5: Shanna Davis More Information

2 shot outside Tuscaloosa mall

2 shot outside Tuscaloosa mall TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) — Two people were shot late Saturday afternoon outside an Alabama mall, police said. Tuscaloosa police tweeted that the shooting …


Using Japanese maples in home landscapes

Like them or not, Japanese maples are a very common addition to many home landscapes in and around our area ( in fact I have a couple …

Just a swingin'

The country music artist John Anderson released the iconic song entitled "Just as Swingin'" in 1983. Scratching through AM radio dial …

Talking about bad habits

The fact I do not recall women smoking cigarettes while I was young does not mean, however, that women were not heavy users of tobacco …
Ed Howell

Cities should be able to block events for COVID-19

Let's clean out the notebook ...  • You may have seen at the bottom of the Jasper mask story on Wednesday about Jasper Mayor …
Scott McCullar

Sweetie has taught me a great lesson

Sweetie isn’t concerned about any pandemic. She hasn’t lost a moment’s sleep over an election. She isn’t anxious about the …
Steve Flowers

Senate, Congressional runoffs next week

Believe or not, coronavirus notwithstanding, we have three important GOP runoffs next Tuesday. You will go back to the polls to elect …
AP News
Across the nation
US Navy welcomes 1st Black female Tactical Aircraft pilot

KINGSVILLE, Texas (AP) — The U.S. Navy has welcomed its first Black female Tactical Aircraft pilot. "MAKING HISTORY!" the U.S. Navy tweeted Thursday in response to a post that Lt. j.g. …

2 officers killed in shootout in south Texas border town

Mueller defends Russia probe, says Stone remains a felon

Trump wears mask in public for first time during pandemic

Trump lags Biden on people of color in top campaign ranks

Poll Question of the Week
Around the globe
UK-China ties freeze with debate over Huawei, Hong Kong

LONDON (AP) — Only five years ago, then-British Prime Minister David Cameron was celebrating a "golden era" in U.K.-China relations, bonding with President Xi Jinping over a pint of beer at the …

5 dead in hostage situation at troubled South Africa church

Poland faces momentous choice in tight presidential runoff

Serbia police detain 71 after 4th night of virus protests

Virus cases up sharply in Africa, India as inequality stings


Tucker Carlson writer resigns after racist posts revealed

NEW YORK (AP) — Tucker Carlson's top writer has resigned from Fox News after secretly posting racist and sexist remarks online. CNN reported Friday that writer Blake Neff used a pseudonym to …

Letters to the Editor
My Walker County

My Walker CountyWalker County is a place of many good people. I have been very proud of recent acts of protest here in Jasper. They were respectful of their town and the business owners here.To …

Power Corruption not Racism is the Universal Flaw in the Police and Society 

If we are to continue as a nation, we must be subject to the higher powers

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