December 3, 2020
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Finance director: Alabama to use nearly all of virus relief

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — Alabama will spend nearly all of its $1.8 billion in federal coronavirus relief funds after a flurry of last-minute grants and reimbursements before the end-of-year …


Tallulah Leads to MTZ Construction

Eder Martinez comes from a family whose work ethic almost compels him into entrepreneurship. When I visited Eder and Samantha, his …
Steve Flowers

COVID-19 killed the Don

Around Labor Day when this year’s presidential campaign was beginning to heat up, I wrote a column about the classic 1960 …
Daniel L. Gardner

Guarding First Amendment rights

The Bill of Rights was key to getting all of the original states to sign and ratify the U.S. Constitution. Our Founders had fought for …
Wheeler Pounds


Funerals were normally conducted in a church building where the family cemetery was located. When the time came to move the body, …
Laura Pitts

How you know Christmas has arrived

As a child there were a few things that always told me Christmas had arrived. Sometimes it was the cooler weather. Sometimes it was …
Scott McCullar

A Thanksgiving like no other

This may be the strangest Thanksgiving holiday of our generation because everything is seemingly turned upside down with the COVID-19 …
AP News
Across the nation
School closings threaten gains of students with disabilities

Without any in-school special education services for months, 14-year-old Joshua Nazzaro's normally sweet demeanor has sometimes given way to aggressive meltdowns that had been under control before …

NASA: Mystery object is 54-year-old rocket, not asteroid

Trump's grievances feed menacing undertow after the election

Biden facing growing pressure over secretary of defense pick

In video, Trump recycles unsubstantiated voter fraud claims

Poll Question of the Week
Around the globe
China testing blunders stemmed from secret deals with firms

WUHAN, China (AP) — In the early days in Wuhan, the first city struck by the virus, getting a COVID test was so difficult that residents compared it to winning the lottery. Throughout the …

China: Moon probe preparing to return rock samples to Earth

UN calls on humanity to end 'war on nature,' go carbon-free

UN, Ethiopia sign deal for aid access to embattled Tigray

China's space ambitions: Robot on Mars, a human on the moon


The Sundance Film Festival goes largely virtual for 2021

Leave the snow boots, parkas and glove warmers in the closet, the 2021 Sundance Film Festival is coming down from the mountain and straight to your living room. Organizers on Wednesday said that …

Letters to the Editor
Thank You

I'd like to take a moment to say thank you to all of the voters who came to Union Chapel Community Center to vote Tuesday.We have the nicest and most courteous voters who come to our center. We …

Science is not a thing, it is a method of action 

What happened to the outrage over George Floyd? 

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