Cold weather led to creation of new omelet
by Elane Jones
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I hope everyone managed to stay warm and cozy during the frigid cold weather that gripped our community this past week. I felt sorry for anyone, especially our law enforcement officers and firefighters, who had to be outside during those freezingly cold temperatures.

I still get chilled all the way to the bone just thinking about it. By the way, as for a statement I made several months back about wanting winter to get here so our little reptilian friends would crawl off somewhere and hibernate — well, I TAKE IT BACK.

I’ll deal with a snake in my house any day to temperatures that drop below 32 degrees and stay that way for 60-plus hours.

I tried to stay inside as much as possible on Monday and Tuesday, but it’s not easy when you have to go to work.

Any kind of really cold weather and I don’t get along well as it is, so anytime temperatures dip below 60 degrees I basically turn into a human popsicle.

Needless to say when weather folks began talking about temperatures rising again, I was doing a happy dance of sorts.

And by Thursday when they started talking about rain as well, I have never been so glad to hear the words “warm up” and “thunderstorms” used in the same sentence in my life.

But one good thing did come out of all this (besides the frigid weather hopefully killing off some of the critters I don’t like). I finally discovered an easy way to cook one of my favorite foods known as the omelet.

I have tried many times over the years to master the art of cooking a perfect omelet, but something happens and it never turns out like the ones you see on TV or get at a restaurant that specializes in them.

So Monday night after I got home from work and started craving an omelet, I decided I would raid the refrigerator and attempt to make myself one. There was no way I was going to go back outside in the cold and drive all the way back to Jasper to my go to place for omelets, the Waffle House, to get one.

I got out the eggs, milk, sausage, onions and cheese and began creating what I now call my newest culinary master piece.

I decided since my omelets always tended to fall apart, I would just make an open-face one, which meant piling the sausage, onions and cheese on top instead of trying to fold them inside the omelet.

I must say it turned out pretty good. I ate the whole thing, and Wiggles and Hank (my dogs) looked really sad that I didn’t share with them. But I’ll gladly share the recipe with you.

E.J.’s Open-Face Omelet


4 eggs

3 tablespoons of milk

Pinch salt

Pinch pepper

Pinch onion powder

Pinch garlic powder

4 sausage patties

4 tablespoons diced onions

Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese.

Cook sausage patties and onions until patties are brown and crumbly. Whisk egg, salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder together in a bowl until frothy. Melt butter into a 8-inch skillet and pour in egg mixture.

Using a wooden spoon or spatula, slowly move the eggs around (toward the center) until set, turning over at least once.

When done, place eggs on plate, top with sausage, onions and cheese, and serve with a hot buttered biscuit smothered with honey.  

Elane Jones is a staff reporter and newsroom secretary for the Daily Mountain Eagle. Her column appears every other Sunday in the Lifestyle section. She can be reached by email at or by calling 205-221-2840, ext. 246.