Our View: Elected officials
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When an elected official, at any level, uses their platform to further a personal agenda, it does a disservice to those who voted him or her into office.

Most of those who sit on local boards, committees or councils do it to better the area they live in for themselves, their loved ones and friends, but there are others who put their personal agendas above the good of those they are charged with representing. While disagreeing and maintaining a series of checks and balances is a good, healthy way to stabilize an organization or government and assure all voices are heard, nonsensical bickering and childish antics do not serve anyone and accomplish nothing.

Putting aside personal agendas, personal feelings and old grudges is the only way for a city, county or organization to grow and prosper, if these “officials” can’t do that, perhaps they shouldn’t have run for the position.

— Daily Mountain Eagle