Council places police officer on leave
by Jennifer Cohron
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CORDOVA — The Cordova City Council voted Tuesday night to place Officer Aaron Moseley on one week administrative leave and called a special meeting for Nov. 22 to resolve the issue of his employment with the Cordova Police Department.

Council members were given a copy of a resignation letter signed by Moseley and dated Nov. 1.

“There have been trials in my life that are of a personal nature that basically could not be easily resolved in order that I could continue my career in a place that I dearly love,” Moseley wrote.

The resignation was to become effective on Friday.

During Tuesday night’s meeting, Moseley presented council members with a second letter asking that his letter of resignation be rescinded.

“After careful thought and consideration, I have decided that it would be in my best interest to remain employed with Cordova in order that I may continue to serve my hometown and her citizens,” Moseley wrote.

In direct remarks to the council, Moseley described the last two months as “difficult.”

Moseley said that he had not received a paycheck from the city for the past two months and is currently relying on a position with the Carbon Hill Police Department to make ends meet.

He expressed disappointment in the treatment he had received within the police department since coming forward about the issue alluded to in his resignation letter.

“When I informed my superiors of the problem I was having, I was not given any kind of support. I was given some options but none that would ultimately keep me here as an officer,” he said.

Moseley also said that he had received conflicting messages from those in positions of authority.

“I’m told one thing from one of my superiors and then turn around and receive another word from another superior. I’ve been completely honest with everything coming from my end. I’ve not received the same in return,” he said.

Moseley said he wished to continue his employment with the city because “this is my home. This is where I love to work, and this is where I want to be.”

Following Moseley’s remarks, the council approved a motion made by council member Ed Earp to go into executive session.

When the council reconvened, council member Lauren Vance made a motion to place Moseley on leave with pay for one week. The motion passed 7-1, with Earp casting the vote against.

Vance also made a motion for a special meeting to be held at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 19, to discuss the matter further.