Police Reports
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Sept. 13

Dana Marie Morales, 41, Jasper: false reporting to law officer; hindering prosecution 2nd.


Sept. 17

Darrius Andrew Howard, 24, Jasper: possession of paraphernalia; pistol w/o permit; receiving stolen property 2nd.


Sept.  10

Christopher Glenn Burt, 32, Northport: capias warrant

Brittany Danielle Sullivan, 20, Mulga: failure to appear - insurance required; failure to appear - improper tag.

Sept. 12

Gisueppi Miguel Rush, 42, Cordova: distribution of a controlled substance.

Daisy Denise Clark Hamilton, 45, Cordova: distribution of a controlled substance.

Sept. 16

Amy Lashelle Tidwell, 33, Jasper: public intoxication.

Ashley Lashae Tidwell, 23, Cordova: possession of drug paraphernalia; illegal possession of prescription drugs.

Richard Thomas Harrell, 70, Cordova: assault 2nd.

Woody Shannon Woodson, 38, Cordova: possession of drug paraphernalia; illegal possession of prescription drugs.

Sept. 17

Kenji Antwone Hill, 33, Parrish: capias warrant.


Sept. 9

Ronald Hartley, 28, Jasper: carrying concealed weapon; possession of drug paraphernalia.

Amy Sue Peoples, 44, Carbon Hill: theft of property 3rd.

Shannon Renae McCullar, 35, Nauvoo: failure to appear

Richard Dale Hendrix, 38, Jasper: failure to appear; theft of property 3rd.

Sept. 10

Michael Reashee Whitehead, 33, Birmingham: domestic violence 3rd; resisting arrest.

Sandra Diane Taylor, 57, Jasper: failure to appear.

Lorenzo Shamel Smith, 31, Jasper: failure to appear; attempting to elude; failure to obey police orders.

Joshua Hunter Honeycutt, 18, Jasper: disorderly conduct.

Sept. 11

Nicholas Todd Heinrich, 36, Nappa, Calif.: public intoxication.

Timothy Lynn Quillen, 30, Oakman: 2 counts - failure to appear.

Loretta Ann Calloway, 36, Jasper: theft of property 3rd.

Sept. 12

Jennifer Michelle McCoy Herald, 33, Jasper: theft of property 2nd.

Sept. 13

Shannon Darwin Howton, 46, Arley: 2 counts - failure to appear.

Tanya Nicole Alred, 39, Hillsboro: failure to appear; possession of drug paraphernalia.

Michael Rhodes Hunt, 43, Jasper: driving under the influence of alcohol.

Selena June Meadows, 34, Jasper: failure to appear.

Sept 14

Tia Lashay Mullinax, 26, Oakman: 2 counts - failure to  appear.

Jennifer Nicole Shearer, 28, Jasper: failure to appear.

James Lee Hernandez, 41, Parrish: theft of property 3rd.

Shelley R. Manasco Madison, 39, Nauvoo: failure to appear.

Daniel Clint Cunningham, 31, Jasper: failure to appear; resisting arrest.


Sept. 10

Delilah Marie Gardner, 36, Oakman: fraudulent use of credit card; theft of property.

Sept. 11

Jennifer Dawn Darty, 36, Jasper: theft of property 3rd; possession of drug paraphernalia; public intoxication.


Sept. 14

Anthony Ray Harris, 51, Sipsey: public intoxication; drug paraphernalia.

Willie Gene Scott, 50, Sipsey: public intoxication.


Sept. 9

John Dennis Vodosia, 36, Dora: driving under the influence (controlled substance); illegal possession of prescription medication

Christina Denee Briones, 37, McCalla: possession of marijuana 2nd

Sept. 13

Jason Ricky Almazon, 25, Empire: theft of property; resist arrest

Jeremy Lee Jackson, 27, Jasper: failure to appear

Darrius Antay Turner, 29, Empire: hold for another agency

Gary Allan Decatur, 34, Empire: cash warrant

Sept. 14

Eleanor Renee East, 49, Sumiton: cash warrant

Jacob Austin Taft, 19, Jasper: domestic violence; possession of drug paraphernalia; possession of brass knuckles

Sept. 15

Robert Scott Corley, 22, Sumiton: fraudulent use of credit card

Bradley Glenn Butler, 34, Sumiton: domestic violence 2nd degree

Chase Allen Davidson, 31, Cordova: public intoxiation; illegal possession of prescription medication; possession of drug paraphernalia

Kayse Lashay Barker, 26, Cordova: public intoxiation; illegal possession of prescription medication; possession of drug paraphernalia

Sept. 16

Vera Elizabeth Johnson, 30, Quinton: public intoxiation; illegal possession of prescription medication

Latasha Marie Constant, 25, Quinton: public intoxiation; disorderly conduct

Crystal Machelle Seymour, 36, Sumiton: possession of drug paraphernalia; illegal possession of prescription medication; public intoxication

Wendi Ellis Rivers, 44, Warrior: public intoxiation; possession of drug paraphernalia; 4 counts failure to appear


Sept. 4

William Dontae Poe Jr , 39, Jasper: contempt of court.

Stephanie Wilson Bryant, 39, Jasper: unlawful possession of a controlled substance; reckless endangerment; public intoxication.

Sept. 5

Donny Mark Smith, 67, Empire: theft of services 1st.

Daniel Frederick Smith, 37, Empire: theft of services 1st.

Keith Gibson, 41, Nauvoo: negotiating worthless instrument.

Johnathon Hershel Cosby, 33, Jasper: unlawful possession of a controlled substance; unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.

Joseph Lee Sanders, 32, Jasper: menacing.

Michael Lee Lyles, 25, Jasper: contempt of court.

Bobby Joe Lynn, 29, Townley: failure to appear - attempt to elude; failure to appear - reckless endangerment.

Sept. 6

James Luther Waire, 34, Moody: probation violation.

Misty Lea Harrison, 35, Oakman: possession of drug paraphernalia; promoting prison contraband 2nd.

Christopher Glen Westbrook, 44, Jasper: reckless driving; driving while revoked; public intoxication.

Darlene Heath Gordon, 50, Jasper: shoplifting.

David Brandon Drummond, 31, Dora: forged instrument.

Jamison Lee Welborn, 37, Jasper: failure to appear - unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.

Sept. 7

Joseph Shun Thomas, 31, Jasper: pick up order absent without authorized leave (awal) from Army.

Warren Neil Meadows, 48, Clanton: writ of attachment.

Christopher Jonathon Simon, 23, Cordova: domestic violence 3rd.

Katie Lynn Higgins, 18, Cordova: domestic violence 3rd.  

Sept. 8

Omar Vazquez Rovelero, 23, Jasper: public intoxication.

Michael Roy Riddle, 55, Carbon Hill: receiving stolen property 3rd.

Terry Wayne Mcgill, 41, Dora: interference with custody.

Deborah Willcut Hyde, 58, Oakman: probation violation.

John Alan Daniel, 33, Cordova: failure to appear - criminal mischief; failure to appear - criminal trespass 3rd.

Kenneth Franklin McKeever, 57, Nauvoo: criminal trespassing.

Sept. 10

Sherman Odell Roberts, 34, Quinton: violation of community notification act.

Joe Paul Dill Jr , 42, Jasper: community corrections violation.

Jonathan Kendrell Light, 31, Cordova: unlawful possession of controlled substance.

Sept. 11

Donald Steve Phillips, 29, Nauvoo: writ of attachment - child support.

Sept. 12

Ruby Ann Hawkins, 38, Leeds: making false report to law enforcement authority.

Kenneth Ray Pickett, 45, Jasper: sodomy 1st.

Wendy Ranae Carden, 31, Jasper: failure to appear - theft of property 3rd; failure to appear - unauthorized use of credit card.

Joe David Stricklin, 54, Jasper: public intoxication.

Nicholas Aaron Lewis, 25, Jasper: conspiracy to commit a controlled substance crime.

Sept. 13

Darrell Jay Maddox, 31, Jasper: failure to appear - burglary/theft of property/criminal mischief.

Barry Dewayne Woods, 34, Jasper: 2 counts - sodomy 1st; 2 counts - sodomy 2nd.

Tyler Dakota Hays, 23, Sayre: public intoxication.

Chadwick Smith, 37, Quinton: violation of community notification act.

Sept. 14

Bobby Ray Allen II, 20, Jasper: public intoxication.

Vickie Lynn Esco, 56, Jasper: obstructing government operation.

Sept. 15

Jason Daniel Threadgill, 23, Parrish: public intoxication.

Miquel Juarez, 31, Jasper: driving under the influence; no license; failure to maintain lane; open alcohol/prohibited.

Sammy James Ward, 35, Cordova: contempt of court - child support.

Sept. 17

Ricky Joel Capps, 55, Warrior: public intoxication.

Harvey Mitchell Kilgore, 29, Cordova: contempt of court.

Hollis Chadwick Smith (a.k.a. Chad), 37, Quinton: unlawful distribution of a controlled substance; unlawful possession of a controlled substance.

Sept. 18

Michael Nicholas Bailey, 21, Oakman: contempt of court.


The following arrests were made by law enforcement officers with the Alabama Marine Police, Addison, Arley, Double Springs, Haleyville and Lynn Police departments and the Winston County Sheriff’s Office.   

Aug. 26 - Sept. 1

Robert Lee Pelt: domestic violence 3rd (Hpd).

Willie Oursler Hunt: possession drug paraphernalia; possession marijuana 2nd (Wcso).

Mark Alan Scott: bench warrant (Wcso).

James Ernest Spencer: bench warrant (Wcso).

Tina Marie Loucks: 35 counts - failure to pay (Wcso).

Phillip Charles Warren: revocation order (Wcso).

Anthony Dean Hill: failure to pay - negotiating worthless negotiable instrument (Wcso).

Adam Jeffery Garrison: 2 counts - capias warrant (Hpd).

Lamanda Doris Winstead: obstructing government operation (Hpd).

Stefan Zackery Hutchins: 2 counts - failure to appear (Apd).

Shannon Heath Hulsey: bench warrant (Wcso).

Bo Derek Willis: grand jury indictment - 2 counts/rape 1st/rape 2nd (Wcso).

Tiffany Lee Witten: failure to appear - public intoxication (Wcso).

Tiffany Lee Witten: illegal possession prescription drugs, public intoxication (Hpd).

Richard Dale Butler: failure to pay (Wcso).

Jamey Dewayne Morgan: domestic violence 3rd (Wcso).

Christa Ann Pruitt: 2 counts - failure to appear (Dspd).

Nicholas Keith Weaver: 2 counts - non support (Wcso).

Terry Dewayne Kois: possession of methamphetamine (Hpd).

Shelby Troy Jones: bench warrant (Wcso).

Welton Craig Wiggins: probation violation, failure to pay (Wcso).

Shannon Eugenia Harbin: failure to appear - 8 counts of negotiating worthless negotiable instrument (Wcso).

Sept  2 - Sept  8

Amber Starr Batchelor: failure to pay - domestic violence 2nd (Wcso).

James Lee Hernandez: failure to pay - 17 counts/negotiating worthless negotiable instrument (wcso).

Melita Dale Prestridge Key: driving under influence - controlled substance (Wcso).  

Travis Earle Carlson: criminal trespassing 3rd; criminal mischief 3rd; public intoxication; disorderly conduct (Dspd).

John Raymond Herrero: 2 counts - failure to appear (Dspd).

Christina Mae Daniel: contempt non support (wcso).

Tiffany Lynn Smith: promoting prison contraband 3rd (wcso).

Beverly Renae Spain: resisting arrest; driving under influence - combined substance; reckless endangerment; attempting to elude; illegal possession of prohibited liquor (apd).

Seven Edmund Xavier Edwards: vehicular homicide (wcso).

Jeremy Scott Johnson: failure to appear - domestic violence 3rd (Hpd).

Antonio Devanne Daniel: court order (Wcso).

Bryan Nicholas Mack Rogers: 2 counts - failure to appear (wcso).

Joshua Dewayne Williams: failure to appear - receiving stolen property 3rd (Wcso).

Jessie Lavanghn Wright II: pedestrian under the influence (Wcso).

Corbitt Sloane White: sex offender act eff (Wcso).

Johnathan David Fisher: hold for U.S. Marshal Service (Apd).

William Kinard White: failure to pay - 6 counts/negotiating worthless negotiable instruments (Wcso).

Sept. 9

Steven Matthew Keeton, 24, Nauvoo: 5 counts - bail jumping 2nd (WCSO).

Johnny Albert Richardson, 49, Haleyville: 3 counts - bail jumping 1st (WCSO).

James Franklin Fell, 30, Haleyville: bail jumping 1st; bail jumping 2nd (WCSO).

Tammie Lynn Barrs, 45, Winter Haven: bail jumping 1st (WCSO).

Sept. 10

Farron Lynn Young, 59, Trafford: serving time sentenced (WCSO).

Joshua Daniel Skeens, 37, Haleyville: chemical endangerment (WCSO).

Holly Amber Skeens, 35, Haleyville: chemical endangerment (WCSO).

Mandy Deanne Mollohan, 36, Addison: burglary 3rd; theft of property 3rd (WCSO).

Sept. 11

Steven Blake Campbell, 20, Carbon Hill: domestic violence 3rd (HPD).

Jesse Lynn Aaron, 23, Logan: 2 counts - failure to appear/traffic (DSPD).

Carl William Hanner, 37, Haleyville: bail jumping 2nd (WCSO).

Rodney Keith Holloway, 41, no address: non support (WCSO).

Sept. 12

Cody Wade Faupel, 22, Nauvoo: possession of marijuana 2nd; possession of drug paraphernalia (LPD).

Timothy Wayne Washburn, 29, Jasper: failing to appear/traffic (DSPD).

Jonathan Adam Griffith, 29, Arley: domestic violence 3rd; 2 counts - non support (WCSO).

Conley Dean Westmoreland Jr., 32, Addison: 3 counts - bail jumping 2nd (WCSO).

Sept. 13

Chris Bradley Thompson, 48, Hartselle: accidents involving death or personal injuries; immediate reports of accident (AMP).

Sept. 14

Ruthie Mae Brown, 28, Jasper: bail jumping 1st; 2 counts - bail jumping 2nd (WCSO).

Justin Andrew Springfield, 25, Winfield: non support (WCSO).

Aundria Lynn Price, 44, Haleyville: public intoxication (HPD).

Jerry Lee Nelson, 37, Haleyville: public intoxication (HPD).

The Daily Mountain Eagle will release arrest reports from area law enforcement agencies each week  The data these reports provide are only arrest and booking information, and should not be relied upon to determine an individual’s actual criminal record  This data may not reflect charging decisions made by the District Attorney’s Office or the outcome of criminal trials  An acquittal or dismissal of criminal charges does not necessarily negate the validity of an arrest.