Presents gone AWOL
by Jennifer Cohron
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Jennifer Cohron
Jennifer Cohron
I am the penny-pincher at our house.

I developed a detailed monthly budget when Zac and I got married because I expected finances would be tight for a while. Although we have more wiggle room in it than I initially thought, I still manage our money that way.

With those budgets, I can account for every dollar we have earned and spent in the past three years.

So imagine how horrified I was to have about $130 of our hard-earned money in limbo for the past two weeks.

The problem started when Zac ordered an anniversary present for me online in late May.

He told me to expect a delivery and added with a mischievous grin that I would love it. As days went by without a package, he grew concerned.

I checked our credit card balance to see if we had been charged for the item. Since we had, we assumed that it had shipped because I have never dealt with an online company that added something to my account before delivering the goods.

Then Zac got an email from the company stating that the item was out of stock and we would be refunded for the entire order cost.

When I called the credit card company, the balance was unchanged.

Zac has been informed on at least four occasions over the phone and via email that the online retailer is processing our refund. Unfortunately, our credit card company hasn’t gotten the memo yet more than two weeks after this debacle began.

I have spoken with two different account managers.

The first said they were required to wait 30 days before disputing the charge but that she would put a temporary hold on it so I wouldn’t have to worry about it when my next billing statement arrives.

The second said that refunds sometimes take 10 to 15 days to enter the system. She also informed me that I would have to pay the bill that will be sent out any day now if I didn’t want to be charged interest while all of this is being sorted out.

When Zac realized the day before our anniversary that he technically wasn’t going to be getting me anything, he tried to ease the blow by telling me what it was supposed to be — a picture of Lucille Ball and her daughter, Lucie.

I suggested that next time he order from a gift shop in Lucy’s hometown. I made several online purchases from there several years ago and never had a problem.

A couple of days later, I noticed that there was nearly $90 missing from our checking account. When I mentioned the discrepancy to Zac, he admitted that he had bought some presents for my birthday, which falls exactly one week after our anniversary.

He even paid $16 for priority shipping to make sure they would arrive in time.

They didn’t.

When Zac called to ask for an explanation, he was redirected to several different people before finally being told that the woman in charge of such matters was at her son’s Little League game.

At that point, my patience officially ran out. I can live without anniversary and birthday presents, but no one messes with my money and gets away with it.

I told Zac to write down all of the order numbers and contact information at his disposal.

These people had had their chance with Mr. Nice Guy. It was time to introduce them to Mrs. I Mean Business.

I called the gift shop on Friday. The nice lady in charge tracked the shipment and told me that it had been processed at the Cordova post office that morning and should arrive in the afternoon mail.

I wasn’t taking any chances given all that had happened already, so I drove down to the post office to pick up the package myself. Of course, our mail carrier had already left with it.

As of this writing, I’m still waiting on my refund and my presents.

I think I’m going to tell Zac not to order anything online anymore. I’ll be glad to settle for a card, a cake and a trip to some place far, far away.