The Tide is high
by Jennifer Cohron
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Jennifer Cohron
Jennifer Cohron
The Crimson Tide had a 12-0 regular season the year that Zac and I got back together.

Since I didn’t share his love of football, he chose several must-see games for us to watch in lieu of date night. His shrewd plan helped me get invested in the team without being burned out on the sport.

Zac was so confident that Alabama would trounce Florida in the SEC championship game that he came to the Daily Mountain Eagle to watch it with me that weekend.

I worked on page layout from my boss’s office because it had a television. Although I had my back to the game, I could tell how it was going by the expression on Zac’s face and his decreased chatter in the late quarters.

When it was all over, Zac hit the power button on the remote, laid down on the couch and slept off his disappointment.

I didn’t know whether to laugh at him or cry for him.

I was nearly five months pregnant with Noah Wyatt when the Tide and Gators faced off for the same title one year later.

Since I was in no position to go running and jumping through the house like Zac did as the game clock wound down, I got to witness one of the most memorable moments of the night.

“Zac, Tebow’s crying!” I yelled when the television crew cut to a shot of the senior quarterback boo-hooing on the sidelines.

Zac later admitted that he respects Tebow as a person and a player; we were just required to dislike him as long as he was in Florida.

I don’t remember much about the BCS championship game. I and my unborn child slept through most of it.

I was surprised when Zac declined my offer to buy it on DVD later. Although he loved the win, he said the game wasn’t that interesting after Texas quarterback Colt McCoy was knocked out in the first quarter.

Now that’s a hard-core football fan.

We accumulated more than our share of other championship mementos in late 2009 and early 2010.

Zac added a hat and several new Alabama shirts to his wardrobe. I saved all of the local newspapers that highlighted the SEC and BCS wins.

We also spent too much for a picture we found at Bama Fever that shows Big Al reading about the season. The wall behind him is decorated with the mounted heads of the 14 mascots the team took down.

Zac didn’t exactly cheer on Auburn to their 2010 national title, but he didn’t mind the win so much since it kept the crystal trophy in the SEC family.

However, I’m sure he isn’t going to like telling Wyatt that the Tigers were the best football team in the country the year that he was born.

Although Zac isn’t one of those crazy people who disown their children for going to the “wrong” school, he’s doing everything he can to make sure Wyatt doesn’t bleed orange and blue.

Our son has had onesies, bibs and a piggy bank bearing the Alabama logo since the day he was born.

When Wyatt was an infant, Zac used to spin his chubby little wrists and then throw them out to the side while saying “Roll Tide!” The baby always got a big kick out of that.

He obviously remembered it, too. He’s 20 months old now and uses only a few words on a regular basis, but he’ll say “Roll Tide!” at the drop of a hat.

Actually, it sounds like “Oh tye!” which is even more adorable.

I’m just as bad as the boys. The other day Zac was explaining some situation regarding the Jets’ Mark Sanchez and and his teammate from Alabama, Greg McElroy.

Zac said more people in the country listen to Sanchez because he’s from USC. My only comment was “Does he have a ring?”

Of course, the whole family was overjoyed by Alabama’s win over LSU on Jan. 9.

The team has won two national championships and had an overall record of 36-4 since our son was conceived.

UA’s mascot may be an elephant, but one of their good luck charms is a chunky monkey.