Two arrested on theft charges


Two individuals have been arrested for thefts that occurred in the Curry area.

Jerome Kinley Dooley, 42, is currently in the Walker County Jail facing multiple felony charges, including breaking and entering a motor vehicle and theft.

A property owner reported several stolen items, including hand tools and a lawn mower, in September at a residence just off Curry Highway in Jasper.

A game camera installed by the property owner led Walker County Sheriff Office Investigator Brad Curtis to identify Dooley as a suspect and obtain warrants. 

Jessica Leigh Uptain faces felony charges related to a case involving a theft that occurred at a Curry residence in July. The homeowner reported that someone had attempted to break into her home and had successfully broken into another building on the property. 

Investigative Captain Darrell Mote and Investigator Brad Curtis recovered several stolen items and obtained warrants for Uptain.

"We appreciate the patience of the victims in these and all cases involving property crimes. The Sheriff’s Office follows guidelines to ensure proper prosecution when doing investigations, and sometimes it can be a lengthy process. We are glad that patience, diligence, and hard work paid off and now these folks are facing felony charges for stealing someone else’s hard-earned possessions," a press release from the sheriff's department said.