TALLULAH LEADS to Noah, the PetSmart Guy in Downtown Jasper


I had a good time meeting one of Mike’s former students, now friend, in Downtown Jasper this week. Mike just calls him that sweet guy Noah, but you and I know him as the PetSmart Guy; you know, PetSmart’s version of Flo from Progressive Insurance.  

Mike knew Noah from his first career as Noah’s director at Corner Theatre Academy (1989-2014) where he was a triple threat of singer, actor, dancer and consistently cast in shows throughout high school. This was way before I was even a gleam in Prince Polar Bear’s (aka Bear) and Princess Amelia’s (aka Amelia) eyes, my birth parents.

Noah was in town from Los Angeles and texted Mike to meet and catch up. Mike met Noah, now 30 years old (Mike looks good for age 35 – he told me to put that in the article) and his parents Susan and Daymon for lunch at Los Reyes.  

I wasn’t invited (eye roll), but I caught up with them after lunch. In honor of Noah, Mike and I went upstairs early on Monday to Greg Ellis’ office, where the Downtown Jasper Sounds are housed, and programmed Broadway Music Monday. After a great lunch provided by Carlos, Clyda, Diana, and Primo, Mike brought Noah, Susan, and Daymon to my office at Synovus to meet me.

I immediately, as I always do, ran to get my “monkey” (my word for anything that I chase or retrieve like a ball or toy) and allowed Noah to chase me around the Jasper Main Street office.  I relented a bit when he and Mike decided to go walking the streets of my home, Downtown Jasper.  

As many of you know, I rarely allow Mike to walk those streets alone, and I was certainly going to walk with Noah, the PetSmart guy!

It is always nice to walk with someone, this time Noah, who isn’t in Downtown Jasper a lot and hear him/her brag about what we have all achieved as a community. Certainly, we have much to accomplish with our downtown revitalization, but as Noah and I strolled down 19th Street and then 4th Avenue, much has been accomplished.  

Noah, and you can also, saw all our accomplishments and future goals in the 2020 Jasper Main Street Case for Support entitled Continuing to Flourish, Vision 2020. Let me know if you want to stop by and pick one up, or I’ll trot one to you or the post office.

Back to Noah before I sign off, wonder if Downtown Jasper and I have a chance of being in that next national PetSmart commercial? No pressure, Noah, no pressure.  

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