Fifteen retire from Jasper City Schools


Leaders with Jasper City Schools recently said goodbye to a beloved group of retiring employees.    

Fifteen faculty and staff members have retired from the school system since the 2019-20 school year concluded.

Child nutrition workers Annette Clark (T.R. Simmons Elementary) and Jackie Clark (Maddox Intermediate School) retired. Annette Clark served 26 years in the Jasper City Schools system, while Jackie Clark had 31 years of service.

One custodian, Reginald Cummings, retired from Jasper High School after 41 years of service. 

Michael Cordle, Teresa Kitchens, Bob White and Sandra Wright also retired from Jasper High.

Cordle was an English teacher at Jasper High and sponsor of the 'Black Gold' yearbook since 1984. He served in the school system for 40 years.

Kitchens was a math teacher and dedicated 37 years to the school system.

White was the athletic trainer for Jasper High, working 13 years for Jasper City Schools, and Wright taught math in the school system for 27 years.

T.R. Simmons Elementary also said goodbye to four employees — Missy Lay, Anne Murray, Lisa Roberts and Ann Trotter.

Lay taught kindergarten for 28 years in the school system, Murray was an aide at T.R. Simmons and served Jasper City Schools for 25 years, and Roberts worked 26 years as a kindergarten teacher.

Trotter worked 42 years at T.R. Simmons as a physical education teacher.

Sabrina Jaye retired from Maddox Intermediate where she taught sixth-grade students. Jaye worked 22 years for Jasper City Schools.

Memorial Park Elementary said goodbye to Janice Wood, a longtime counselor. She worked 18 years for the school system. 

Central office employees Ray Clark and Betty Odom also retired. Clark was a facilities manager for Jasper City Schools, serving the school system for 15 years, while Odom worked 29 years for the school system, most recently as director of special programs. 

The school system held a small reception for all of the retiring employees to celebrate their dedication to children in the city of Jasper.

More pictures from the retirement celebration can be found on the Jasper City Schools' website.


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