Chuck's Adventures

Posted 2/9/20

This week I have decided to take a break from re-living my non-fictitious past and write a bit of whimsical, nonsensical, tongue in cheek stuff. Occasionally a good dose of light humor  is good …

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Chuck's Adventures


This week I have decided to take a break from re-living my non-fictitious past and write a bit of whimsical, nonsensical, tongue in cheek stuff. Occasionally a good dose of light humor  is good for the soul. I write this column using literary privileges so consider that it verges on the edge of fiction, but most of it is real. Those who know me well are aware that sometimes I can “get out of whack” (wacky) and have probably been waiting for this trait to make its appearance in this column, so now the wait is over.

I first want to introduce you to a companion who has been my side-kick for a long time. His name is “Chuck”. He acquired this name due to the fact that I once had a friend who learned that my full name is Charlie Wheeler Pounds. Due to no fault of my own, my parents (Mom's Idea) chose to call me by my middle name. Picking up on this,  my friend shortened my first name from Charlie to Chuck and from this a mystical “Chuck” emerged.

Chuck is only an occasional companion, always showing up when least expected, and disappearing in the same manner. He appears when I don't want to be interrupted, and that is when I am sound asleep. To clarify this I need to reveal that Chuck is my dream companion and shows up when only he would dare enter into my life. It is always exciting when he comes for a visit as we have been on some unbelievable adventures together. Many are risky and dangerous. Others are missions of goodwill and comfort. All have a satisfactory (some of relief) ending.

I am writing this in the early hours of the morning as, just when I thought that I was beginning a restful night's sleep, Chuck shows up ready for another adventure. As I am always in deep slumber at his appearance, I am powerless to refuse to accompany him. The adventure he had planned for tonight required that he get in line to to enjoy the surprise activity (not sure what) he had selected. There were actually two lines, one very long one and another one much shorter. To save time we got in the shorter line, but after working ourselves up near the action we realized that we were in the wrong line. The long line was getting even longer but we had to get in it to reach our desired activity. By this time a bathroom break was urgent when, “bingo,” I awoke to realize that I was no longer in line, Chuck was gone and I could use my own bathroom. It was only a dream! Such is the nature of all my rendezvous with Chuck.

Chuck and I have escaped from from some very tight spots just by the magic of awakening.  We can find ourselves falling off a cliff when halfway down I awake in fear and find myself landing in bed with Chuck nowhere around. We can be hopelessly lost with no idea of what next direction we need to go to reach safety when the problem is solved by my waking up in the security of my bedroom. I can be taking a leisurely joy-ride down the highway when there are suddenly blue lights flashing behind me and I become aware that I have been exceeding the speed limit. The officer walks up with a snug look on his face confident that he can write another ticket when suddenly, I awake and realize that I am in no trouble at all. Chuck and the policeman, with ticket in hand, have dissipated into the unknown. What a relief!

I have presented only some examples the situations in which Chuck and I thought that we were knee deep in trouble, then making an escape back into the security of the real world. Sometime we may be threatened by an intruder, or find ourselves facing a gun barrel, backed into a corner with no escape, when suddenly my dear wife comes to the rescue by shifting in bed, waking me up and chasing the bad guys away. Is there any wonder that I love that woman? Chuck has returned to his lair. He is a nocturnal creature and I suspect that he spends his daylight hours planning for our nights together.

Now there are two sides to these adventures that Chuck accompanies me on. We can go broke just as swiftly, and easily as we can be rescued or get out of trouble. On some nights we may have finally discovered the long lost treasure chest and have piles of gold and silver, or it may be that we find ourselves coming into possession of a lot of money. Just as we are making big plans as to just how to spend it, suddenly, “whoosh”  my sleep is disturbed and the money evaporates just as quickly as it appeared. I wake up just as broke as usual.

Perhaps Chuck and I are with a group of friends, enjoying our time together, and in the process of telling a joke, but before I get to the punchline a noise interrupts my sleep and “poof”, like ghosts, my friends, along with Chuck, have deserted me, no longer interested in hearing my good joke. At other times I may be agonizing over a chore that needs to be done, or a speech which I am due to deliver when I am suddenly relieved from those task when my escape from slumber releases me from those additional burdens. My wife will assure you that I have enough chores on the list without dreaming up more.  

Who can deny that dreams are a fascinating aspect of the human experience? The Creator installed them in the living being for a purpose, and Chuck helps to maximize their impact on me. True, frequently, upon awaking, many dreams disappears from memory just as swiftly as do those piles of treasure. I am thinking that is when Chuck has other thing to do that night.

As you probably guessed, Chuck is a fictional character created for this writing (sorry), but one needs a companion such as Chuck to travel that mystical road to fantasy land. The companion need not be only one person, but there is always comfort in sharing our lives with others, if only in our dreams,

Next week we will return to the world of reality.