Blevins takes over as Dora girls basketball coach

DORA — Justin Blevins has learned from some the state’s best basketball minds and is ready to take the role of varsity girls head basketball coach, this time for the Dora Bulldogs.
Having spent time under former Dora and Sumiton Christian coach Bill Griffin, as well as former Cordova state championship coach Heath Burns as an assistant, while also serving as 9th grade boys basketball coach at Dora last season, Blevins felt the call to be a head coach at the varsity level once again was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up.
Blevins was previously the varsity girls head basketball coach at Sumiton Christian during the 2012-13 season, where he went 16-14. He also worked as assistant with Griffin with the Sumiton Christian boys for the 2011-12 season and with Burns with the Cordova boys in 2015-16.
“Last year made me reminiscent about returning to head coaching duties, so when the job came open, I wanted it,” Blevins said. “I hated to leave baseball as my son, who is six years old, is really beginning to pick up baseball and wants me to be around to help him learn the game. But the pull to be a head coach again was also something that drove me to the role.”
An up-tempo style of basketball will be present in the Bulldogs under Blevins, with a special emphasis on defense and creating turnovers.
Blevins will have good continuity as well, with Bart Black — former girls basketball coach of the year at Sumiton Christian and who Blevins served under as an assistant — joining the staff as Blevins’ assistant. 
“I would also like to thank Dora Principal (Paige) Abner for the opportunity. We have a great administration here,” Blevins said. 
Returning experience will be in Blevins’ favor in his first season. 
Led by First Team Eagle Elite member Zharia Hubbard, there will be good playmakers on the court in 2020-21.
“Zharia will be back for us and I will look for her to be the leader for us. I met with many of our girls to talk to them and make sure we’re on the same page — there’s a lot of energy and enthusiasm,” Blevins said.
“Going back down to Class 4A will help us out a great deal. The area that we are in with Indian Springs, Oak Grove and Fultondale leads us to believe we’ll be very competitive throughout the season. Our tradition here at Dora when it comes to girls basketball is strong and I look forward to the task.”