Police continue war on drugs in city limits
by Briana Webster
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Carbon Hill police found cocaine, marijuana and cash in Alendose Raphael Hill’s vehicle early Saturday morning. Photo courtesy of Carbon Hill Police Dept.
Carbon Hill police found cocaine, marijuana and cash in Alendose Raphael Hill’s vehicle early Saturday morning. Photo courtesy of Carbon Hill Police Dept.
CARBON HILL — Continuing their efforts in cleaning up the city’s streets, Carbon Hill police made an arrest early Saturday morning that ended with the seizure of a significant amount of drugs.

Sgt. Jason Richardson and officers Tim Walter and Trey Webb arrested 23-year-old Alendose Raphael Hill, of Jasper, between midnight and 2 a.m. Saturday off Nauvoo Road in the Mill Creek area.

“First of all, he didn’t have a tag. After we pulled him over, I smelled alcohol when I approached the car and started talking to him. I smelled alcohol on him; he kept acting really weird every time I would ask him had he been drinking,” Richardson said. “He kept changing the subject, wanting to talk about other stuff, just acting all weird. He was trying to get his way out of it.

“I asked him again, and that’s when he finally told me that he had one drink, but you could tell that he had had more,” Richardson continued. “That’s when we took him out of the car, done a field sobriety test on him, and he was DUI. When we searched, that’s when we found the marijuana first and then we found the cocaine.” 

Police found 14.8 grams of cocaine and 44.5 grams of marijuana in Hill’s Mustang. Hill also had a juvenile female accompanying him in the vehicle. Richardson said Hill was transported Monday to the Walker County Jail.

No charges were filed against the juvenile.

“It [the evidence] is locked up in a vault right now, and it will be transported to the Department of Forensic Sciences,” Sgt. Joshua McGuire added. “They will destroy the evidence once they get a chemical analysis on it, and they’ll send us back a chemical report of how much was there and what it actually consisted of as far as weight and what kind of drug it was.”

Officers have made several arrests within the past few weeks consisting of drugs and/or drug paraphernalia. Both sergeants agreed that the department’s main focus is getting drugs out of Carbon Hill and off the streets.

“They have gotten meth (methamphetamine) out of several vehicles, pills, all kinds of stuff. We see a lot of meth,” Richardson said. “We are starting to see a lot of liquid G, a lot. It’s made out of floor stripper,” which the officers say is similar to the date-rape drug.

McGuire commented, “Prescription pain medications and that [meth] will be your largest two. Second to that would be marijuana, and cocaine is actually fairly rare. Every once in a while we’ll get a crack rock or something, but that much cocaine is rare.”

Currently, the city’s police department has eight officers, including both sergeants and Police Chief Ron Colburn. Sgts. Richardson and McGuire said they will continue to fight the battle against drugs in their city.

“We’ve got complaints from citizens about high traffic areas; we concentrate there,” McGuire said. “Closer patrols in the areas that we know are well known for drug activity is the main way that we’re able to catch a lot of these folks.” 

“Right now, we’re concentrating on drugs. When we pull a vehicle over that we’re suspicious of that’s been in a well-known drug area, or something like that, chances are they’re going to have drugs on them when we pull them over,” Richardson added. “That’s our main thing right now is trying to get the drugs off the streets. The officers have been doing a really good job.”