OUR VIEW: Newtown’s aftermath
by Daily Mountain Eagle
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Only a couple of days after the second-deadliest school shooting in U.S. history, many people are angry.

With 20 small children dead, anger is an expected and understandable emotion. Unfortunately, many of the angry have let rage take over and are trying to push an agenda rather than attempting to reach out to those who are hurting in the massacre’s aftermath.

Social media websites have been a sounding board for hot topics, such as gun control, violent video games, mental health funding and prayer in schools.

All those issues are worthy of debate, but in the early days following this kind of tragedy, we should all forget our own agendas and think about others.

How can we help those who are mourning in Newton, Conn.?

Signs around the town on Saturday read, “Please pray for Newtown” and “Love will get us through.”

If you believe in prayer, take time over the next few days to include the people of Newtown when you talk to God. If you don’t pray, keep the folks who have lost loved ones in your thoughts.

Love will get Newton through, and we can help by loving right here at home. If you have children, give them a hug and a kiss. Let them know how much they mean to you, because you may not have that opportunity again.

When tragedy strikes, we all go through a range of emotions, but all of us will be better served if we can remember to love and share that love with others.

- Daily Mountain Eagle