Nothing says love like a recipe
by Elane Jones
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Elane Jones
Elane Jones
Even though things are very hectic around this time of year, Christmas is still my favorite of all the holidays.

I love all the beautiful Christmas lights and decorations that we’ve started seeing around the county, especially at night. When I’ve had a really bad day, the beautiful light displays really lift my spirits.

So to all you folks who have spent hours and hours putting up all those decorations in your yards, please note they haven’t gone unnoticed. Keep up the good work because you never know when I might sneak a photo to share with others.

I guess the thing I truly enjoy about the Christmas holiday — besides the presents, of course — is the food and all the other goodies everyone fixes to eat.

I always fix a few treats for my family to enjoy at Christmas. One of their favorite goodies is fudge, with or without nuts. They like it so well that before I even get finished cutting the fudge once it has cooled, they’re hovering over me waiting to snatch a piece off the plate.

I’m sure everyone has their own favorite fudge recipe, but one I like to use is Kraft Food’s Fantasy Fudge. This recipe is so easy to make that even the inexperienced of cooks (Jennifer Cohron) can’t mess it up, and you can do several batches at a time without having to stand over a stove all day.

Kraft Food has graciously given me permission to reprint any of their recipes in my column. I have included the recipe for Fantasy Fudge for those of you who would like to make a special treat for your family this Christmas.

But don’t fret if you forget to clip it out of the paper and you find your husband has thrown it out. The recipe can be found on a jar of one of the ingredients needed for the fudge — Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Creme or online at

Before I close this week’s column, I’m going to pull an Oprah Winfrey and share one of my very favorite things about Christmas, which is the importance of giving.

Christmas should be all about giving, but if you’re like me and a little short on funds this year, think about giving someone a gift from your very own kitchen. Nothing says love better than a good ol’ recipe.

Just fill a basket with a few of the dry ingredients from a favorite family recipe (just be sure to include a copy of the recipe), and there you have it — a Christmas gift from the heart.

It’s pretty much a guarantee that this is one gift that won’t be returned or go unused. It will also warm the heart of the recipient every time they use it because it will make them think of you and your thoughtfulness at Christmas time.

Fantasy Fudge

Prep: 10 min.

Total: 25 min.

What you need

3 cups sugar

3/4 cup butter or margarine

1 small can (5 oz., about 2/3 cup) evaporated milk (Do not use sweetened condensed milk).

12oz. BAKER'S Semi-Sweet Chocolate, chopped

1 jar (7 oz.) JET-PUFFED Marshmallow Creme

1 cup chopped PLANTERS Walnuts

1 tsp. vanilla

Make It

LINE 9-inch square pan with foil, with ends of foil extending over sides. Bring sugar, butter and evaporated milk to full rolling boil in 3-qt. saucepan on medium heat, stirring constantly. Cook 4 min. or until candy thermometer reaches 234°F, stirring constantly. Remove from heat.

ADD chocolate and marshmallow creme; stir until melted. Add nuts and vanilla; mix well.

POUR into prepared pan; spread to cover bottom of pan. Cool completely. Use foil handles to lift fudge from pan before cutting into squares.

Kraft kitchens tips: SIZE-WISE A serving of this sweet treat is 2 squares. You'll find that a small portion goes a long way on chocolate flavor. NOTE: Do not substitute sweetened condensed milk for evaporated milk.

USE YOUR MICROWAVE: To prepare the fudge in the microwave, place butter in 4-qt. microwaveable bowl. Microwave on HIGH 1 min. or until melted. Add sugar and milk; mix well. Microwave 5 min. or until mixture begins to boil, stirring after 3 min.

Stir well, scraping down side of bowl. Microwave 5 1/2 min., stirring after 3 min. Let stand 2 min.

Add chocolate and marshmallow creme; continue as directed.

Servings total: 40 servings, about 2 squares each