My philosophy of education
by Ruth Baker
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Ruth Baker
Ruth Baker
My early life shaped my philosophy for living and working. I learned early that anything that is worthwhile costs something: time, energy, imagination, sacrifice, and perseverance. My belief, that things are more appreciated if one works for them, influenced my method of teaching.

I believe that everyone can learn something. I refuse to put children, or adults, in IQ boxes and dish out suitable lessons for their limitations. Therefore, I have seen “border-line morons” become strong students.

I believe that the aesthetic needs of the individual must be aroused and enhanced. Since a child is in the school more waking hours than in the home, the teacher has a responsibility to expose each one to experiences which will help them grow in this area.

I recognize the fact that a human has a two-fold nature: spiritual and physical, I think that good citizenship, values, and goal-setting should be a part of the classroom setting. A teacher must realize that a child brings all that he is, and has experienced into the classroom. All aggressive behavior has a reason behind it. A wise teacher will recognize this in order to help the child.

I believe the public classroom should be a laboratory, offering experiments suited to each student’s need. A child should be required to master such skills as are needed for real life.

I believe a teacher should take a child where he is, recognize his capabilities, and lead him to desired goals, and in the meantime protect his individuality.

Since a student is the product of his environment, a teacher should know something about his personal life to better understand his strengths and weaknesses.

I believe a teacher should return periodically, without force, to upgrade her knowledge of subject matter and methods of teaching.

I think a teacher should conduct herself in a manner to earn respect in her school community; interacting in projects and programs which build the social and educational climate for the children.

I believe that education is the key to self-fulfillment and economic security for the individual and the best protection of a free society.

I believe that a person can only take advantage of his Constitutional rights for his “pursuit of happiness” through education.

I believe the American public school is doing the best job in the world in the educating of the masses.