A Wyatt by any other name
by Jennifer Cohron
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I don't know my baby's name.

Zac and I picked out the name Noah Wyatt for our son months ago. Since his birth April 28, he has collected more names than P. Diddy.

In my columns, he's Wyatt. To my family, he's Noah. Zac calls him Buddy and I've referred to him as everything from Good Looking to Bright Eyes.

When we were still dating, Zac told me that he wanted his hypothetical son to be Lytle Walter so his nickname could be Little Walt. He also made a joke once that he felt a need to pass along his own middle name, Byno.

After we found out that I was pregnant, Zac had a dream that the baby was a girl and we named her James Audrey. Obviously, I would have been thrilled to name our child after James Phillips -- my boss, the minister at my wedding and the man who generously offered to bring a bottle of Aquafina to the hospital to baptize Wyatt. If Zac and I ever have a daughter, maybe I will. At least that's what I'll tell James when I ask for a raise.

The first name we chose for our son was Wyatt Hudson. The only significance was that both names were unique and sounded pretty together.

Then I mentioned to my mother that I really liked the name Noah but was avoiding it because of someone from my past who wasn't exactly my best friend for life. I didn't want to think of him every time I looked at my son.

My mother never asked me to change my mind. She just bought the baby a Noah's Ark tree for Christmas. On Christmas Eve, I put it together and thought a lot about the message I wanted to send to my son through his name. I decided that I wanted him to read in the Bible how the first Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord and know that he could too.

Still, I insisted that we would call him by his middle name, Wyatt. My mother asked if she could call her grandson Noah instead and his great-grandparents wanted to do the same. As a compromise, we all started calling the baby Noah Wyatt, the same as if his name were John Mark or Paul Ray.

So that's the story of how my son ended up with two names. Of course, I know calling him Noah will be easier. Otherwise, he'll always have to correct his teachers on the first day of school and others who have access to his legal name like doctors.

He's going to spend enough time explaining the pronunciation of his last name. I know I've been called everything from Cochran to Co-ran since marrying Zac.

(For the record, it sounds like moron but with a "c.")

On the other hand, I expect that he'll go to school with a lot of Noah's since the name has become very popular in the past few years. A Wyatt would certainly stand out from the crowd.

I guess I want him to have a unique name because I was always one of numerous Jennifer's in school. In college, I even had a class with another Jennifer Williams.

Once I started working at the paper, several people confused me with Jennifer Williams Smith. I lost count of the times I had to say that I didn't work at the pool. I guess they thought I was a city employee moonlighting as a reporter.

Although I love the name Noah, a part of me also sees a Wyatt looking back at me when I'm holding my son.

I'm usually not an indecisive person, but I can't pick out one name for my baby to save my life.

Maybe this is how P. Diddy started.