A good education for our children
by Dr. Buddy Thorne
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I have been listening and reading opinions about the Alabama Accountability Act with great interest. I have two daughters who have degrees in the field of education and I truly believe their main interest lies with the children, as it should be. I am not an educator, but I am educated. I went to Cordova High School, Auburn University, Samford University and the University of Alabama Dental School. In dental school we were "drilled" to examine the facts and have compassion on the people involved. So here are the facts.

Fact No. 1: The United States is rated 15th to 17th in the world on educating our children.

Fact No. 2: Alabama, depending on which study you read, is 47th to 48th in the United States on educating our children.

Fact No. 3: We spend more money per child in the United States to educate our children than other nations.

After looking at these facts to continue down this road is insane. Why not give every child in Alabama the opportunity for a good education, regardless of their sociology-economic status or their zip code. That is where compassion enters the equation. Always keep the main thing the main thing, educating all our children.


Dr. Buddy Thorne,