August 7, 2020
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Mental health services in county schools recognized at conference

The Walker County Board of Education's mental health efforts is being recognized across the state.

Scott McCullar

Standing before the lion

We were newlyweds. Having graduated from college in Mobile just months before our wedding, now we were planning to move to North …
Ed Howell

The window is closing for Trump to change

Now, before I write about Donald Trump, we all agree he is going to win Alabama on Nov. 3? I mean, this has no effect on the state …
Steve Flowers

Tommy Tuberville ran a good disciplined campaign for Senate

Old political maxims clearly played out true to form in the GOP runoff for our junior U.S. Senate seat on July 14. Tommy Tuberville …
Daniel L. Gardner

Cue the four horsemen

What’s next? Uncertainty? Isolation? Masking identities? Social distancing? What will authorities do next to save us? Asking for …


In the previous article I recounted how Dad solved the problem of overpopulation of dogs. It can certainly be considered as being …
Danny Cain

Unsolicited packages stamped from China

I tell you if it isn’t one thing going on that we have to deal with in this crazy world that we live in today it’s something else. …
AP News
Across the nation
Protesters rally in Portland as mayor decries violence

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Violent clashes this week between protesters and police in Portland, Oregon, have ratcheted up tensions in the city days after an agreement between state and federal …

Hagerty vs. Bradshaw in race to succeed US Sen. Alexander

Trump bans dealings with Chinese owners of TikTok, WeChat

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine tests positive ahead of Trump visit

NY attorney general seeks to dissolve NRA

Around the globe
Russia's race for virus vaccine raises concerns in the West

MOSCOW (AP) — Russia boasts that it's about to become the first country to approve a COVID-19 vaccine, with mass vaccinations planned as early as October using shots that are yet to complete …

Rescuers in Lebanon recover more bodies days after blast

Economy tanking, Cuba launches some long-delayed reforms

Virus lockdown for world's smallest and rarest wild pigs

New lockdown ratchets up economic pain in Australian city


Former President Bush pays tribute to immigrants in new book

NEW YORK (AP) — A new book by former President George W. Bush will highlight an issue which now sets him apart from many of his fellow Republicans — immigration. Crown announced …

Letters to the Editor
Do not hold everyone else responsible for your insensitivity 

Even though "Monuments to years of insensitivity" (Daily Mountain Eagle, June 18, 2020) makes important points the assumption that "freedom and injustice" would have been solved if only whites were …

China to blame

The myth that poverty causes racism 

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